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Welcome to Burhoe Machine Works, a manufacturing company offering custom machined components for applications demanding the utmost quality.  Our approach to quality is simple and has led to a diversity of products with the common thread of precision.  Our products demand attention not typical of parts machined by every-day job shops.  Burhoe Machine Works produces products ranging from large aerospace and submarine components that are man rated and 100% inspected, to minuscule medical components used in the construction of devices that will be inspected by a microscope and implanted in human bodies to help perform tasks necessary for life.

Burhoe Machine Works began as a mold manufacturing company.  Mold manufacture requires continual engineering coupled with precision machining.  These attributes have given a unique quality to Burhoe Machine Works as we have pursued precision machined parts beyond molds.  We provide timely delivery of extraordinary quality at competitive prices.  We have prospered primarily through the organic growth of the word of mouth of satisfied engineers who trust us with new and demanding requirements for machined components.  We thank our customers and salute their never-ending pursuit to improve their products and parts, elements that demand machined components without compromise.  Please enjoy the following pages which show examples of the components that we have had the privilege of providing to our customers. 

To view our extensive mold manufacturing website, go to burhoemolds.com