Product Diversity


Thrust bearing, an integral housing for an aerospace application. 

These components start as forgings of 4130 steel, and are machined into rings.  Next, they are fixtured and  a .027” thick piece of spring steel is laser welded between the rings.  A specially-formulated 90 durometer nitrile is molded into and around the center of the assembly.  The parts are then radiographed, followed by finish machining and then cylindrical grinding.  100% inspection and traceability is employed during the manufacture of the components.  Once placed in service, these components will be subjected to  pressure of up to 18,000 psi for many years.  See more in the Annulus Ring gallery.  

300M shafts prior to shotpeen.  See more photos in the Gear and Powertrain Gallery. 

This 304 stainless shaft is a central component in a pick and place robot used in the silicon wafer processing industry.   See more photos in Shafts/Precision Turned Components Gallery. 

Annulus rings with a 24” long stainless shaft.  See more photos in the Shafts/Precision Turned Components Gallery. 

AGMA class 10, 8620 gears carburized with a case depth of .030.”

Due to low stress machining processes and careful attention during stringent heat treating procedures, sectioned components in these batches of gears were verified to have met a case depth of +-.001” after all post heat treatment procedures.   See more photos in the Gear and Powertrain Gallery. 

These titanium components are essentially shells that are machined to between .008” and .012” thick (depending on part number).  It’s like making a thin-gauge sheet metal component, but you start with a solid, rather than a sheet. 

These cases are used in a medical application and will be laser welded to one another to make an implantable enclosure.    

Burhoe Machine Works produces a wide range of custom machine products to meet customer specifications.  Go to to view our 5-axis machine in operation. 

Aluminum housings for aerospace applications.  See more examples in the Precision Housing Gallery. 

8620 gears before heat treatment.  See more photos  in the Gear and Powertrain Gallery. 

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The pictured vacuum chamber is for the semiconductor industry.  All interior surfaces are finished to 8RMS.  The chamber will be subject to 8-10 torr on a daily basis, while a robot exchanges wafers in and out of the access ports on the sides of the unit.  View more photos in the Precision Housing Gallery.